HP Photosmart 5510 review: HP Photosmart 5510

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The Good Excellent print quality for text and graphics; Handy Web Apps; Support for Google's Cloud Printing and Apple's AirPrint; Low running costs.

The Bad No automatic document feeder or duplex printing; Flimsy paper tray.

The Bottom Line Great print quality and low running costs, combined with an excellent touchscreen interface and handy Web features such as cloud printing, make this model a winner.

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8.8 Overall

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HP's Photosmart 5510 is an all-in-one Wi-Fi printer with a great colour touchscreen and support not just for cloud printing, but also HP's clever Web Apps.

Despite this, the printer is relatively affordable, as you can buy it online for around £70.

Neat design

The 5510 has a low-slung design, similar to Brother's recent J series multifunction models. This does mean that its footprint is quite large, so you'll need a fair amount of space to accommodate it on your desk. The all-black look does give it quite a professional air and the colour 2.4-inch touchscreen on the front looks ace and makes this model very easy to set up and use.

The 5510's paper handling design isn't all that impressive, though. You load sheets into a pull-out paper tray at the bottom, which can hold up to 80 sheets. Printed results are simply fed out on top of this and held in place by a rather flimsy pop-up holder that feels like it'll snap the moment someone applies any sort of pressure.

Sadly, this model doesn’t have a PictBridge USB port, but there is a memory card reader hidden behind a flap at the front that accepts Memory Stock and SD cards.

HP Photosmart 5510
HP's Photosmart 5510 has a low-slung design and an all-black look.

Quick set-up

The colour screen is a real boon when it comes to setting up this model. There are onscreen animations to guide you through installing the four separate ink cartridges, adding paper to the tray and setting up the printer to either work over USB or Wi-Fi.

If you use Wi-Fi you get access to HP's Web Apps, which lets you grab content directly from the Internet. For example, you can print colouring-in pages of cartoon characters using the Disney app, or the day's top news stories via the Yahoo app.

The printer also support Apple's AirPrint allowing you to print to it directly from iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad without having to install any extra software.

What's more, you can also use the printer for cloud printing. Setting up cloud printing is actually very straightforward. You just connect your printer to your Wi-Fi network, press the print button and a page will be printed with your sign-up code. You then register your code at eprintcenter.com and your printer will be assigned an email address that you can use for cloud-based printing. Anything you email to this address will be printed. You can also enable Google Cloud Printing by registering this email address with Google's service.