HP Pavilion Media Center TV m7400

HP's Pavilion Media Center TV m7400 series comprises two similar systems but does give you the choice between Intel and AMD processors. Both fixed-configuration PC are capable Media Centers with dual-core processors, ample memory, and large hard drives.

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Matt Elliott
HP's current Pavilion Media Center series includes the m7560y and m7500y models. There are two models still available in the older m7400n series: the m7490n and the m7470n. Both models are sold as ready-to-ship systems, meaning you can't customize prior to purchase.

The m7490n qualifies as an Intel Viiv system because, among other requirements, it features a dual-core Intel processor (Pentium D 940), the Windows Media Center OS, and a TV tuner. The Media Center m7470n uses an AMD Athlon X2 4200+ processor and features similar specs. Viiv sticker or not, it's every bit as capable as its Intel counterpart. Based on past testing, we'd expect better performance from the AMD chip, but both systems should have more than enough oomph for Media Center tasks. With budget graphics cards onboard, however, neither is a good choice if you have more than a passing interest in PC gaming.

The Intel-based m7490n is $250 more expensive, but for the added money, it supplies 200GB more hard drive space and a wireless 802.11b/g card. Features common to both models include 2GB of memory, a LightScribe DVD burner, a multiformat media card reader, and a Media Center remote. Judging by the specs, we feel the lower-cost Pavilion Media Center m7470n is the better deal. For more information, read our review of the previous-generation HP Pavilion Media Center TV m7360n, the last time we've tested such a system.