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HP Officejet H470 review: HP Officejet H470

According to our CNET Labs' speed tests, the H470wbt printed 5.51 pages of black text per minute, one full page faster per minute over its predecessor and slightly slower than the Canon iP90v. Presentation, graphics, and photos speeds stayed the same, slightly edging out the competition in presentation and graphics and lagging a few seconds for photos.

Speed test
(Shorter bars indicate better performance)
Photos (Single Sheet)  
Graphics (ppm)  
Presentation (ppm)  
Text (ppm)  
Canon ip90v
HP Deskjet 460c
HP Officejet H470wbt
Note: ppm=pages per minute

We were surprised to find that the H470wbt's prints substantially deteriorated in quality compared with those of the 460c. The 460c showed sharp characters and dark black lines, but our H470wbt printed letters with visibly fuzzy edges and blurred text in larger fonts. Bolded text and light graphics were even worse. Dots appeared on thicker edges and picture outlines looked jagged and marred by long vertical lines stretching across the page. The 4x6-inch test pictures we printed out were smooth, but the colors were flat and lacked saturation, casting a gray shadow over the images. Within the driver settings, HP offers a feature called RLT, or Real Life Technologies, that supposedly helps printed images look more like real life. We found this option to be useful in portraits, but the general quality of our images were poorly rendered, even with HP's Premium Plus paper and high-quality ink sets.

Service and support
HP supports the Officejet H470wbt with a one-year limited warranty. Troubleshooting is also available by phone 24-7 or by e-mail. HP's Web site also offers a host of services, including documentation, drivers downloads and updates, and FAQs.

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