HP Officejet 7610 Wide Format e-All-in-One review: HP Officejet 7610 Wide Format e-All-in-One

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One factor that we rather liked during setup was that the printer itself comes wrapped in what we can only call a shopping bag. This is a plus because the OfficeJet is as noted, quite large and bulky. Getting it out of the box by yourself without the handles on the plastic bag would be murder. With them, it's only mildly abusive.

It's Wi-Fi capable, and the 2.65-inch LCD display makes it fairly simple to throw onto a network for direct access across multiple machines. We tested print speeds with a connected USB cable largely to eliminate any network bottlenecks, but both ethernet and Wi-Fi worked well during our test period.

Using best coverage from a cold start, the Officejet 7610 managed a single page in 33.1 seconds, and an average of just 2ppm, which isn't too far off HP's claims. It didn't quite match up to HP's claims as well with draft printing, where it spun out the first page in 15 seconds, but then accelerated to manage an average of 20ppm. For an inkjet that's acceptable, but it is more than 10ppm slower than HP's claims.

Printing at A3 sizes naturally saw print speeds fall, as did printing in colour. It's not likely that you'd just want to print plain text at A3 sizes, but we found that if you did, the average print speed was around 35 seconds per page. Start sending it more complex A3 colour work and speed drops to below 1ppm, but that's very much to be expected.

Colour quality when printing on either plain or photo paper was decent without being stellar. Again, that's a matter of the right tool for the job; if photo fidelity is a must-have item, then a dedicated photo printer would be a better option.


Running an A3 printer is never going to be a cheap enterprise, and it's not for everybody. If you have regular need to print A3 documents then the HP Officejet 7610 is a generally fine printer, but we'd suggest investing quickly in the high yield cartridges to keep your costs down. If you only need very intermittent A3 printing, we'd suggest a cheaper regular A4 printer and intermittent trips to the copy shop.