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HP LP2065 review: HP LP2065

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MSRP: $419.00

The Good Good image quality; highly adjustable; four extra USB 2.0 ports; calibration and asset management software included.

The Bad Some adjustments are difficult to make smoothly; colors and grays show greenish tints.

The Bottom Line The HP LP2065 is viable for business, corporate-office, or no-nonsense home use, but similar LCDs are available for less.

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7.1 Overall
  • Design 7
  • Features 7
  • Performance 7
  • Support 8
  • Setup 7

HP LP2065

The HP LP2065 has all the essential features a good 20-inch business display requires, including a reasonable $649 price. In addition to a flexible stand, the LP2065 offers four USB ports, some keyboard-and-mouse-based image calibration, and asset management software--and that's about it. The more entertainment-centric Gateway FPD2185W costs $50 less and delivers comparable image quality and better adjustability, plus component-video ports and picture-in-picture functionality.

Designed for office use, the HP LP2065 has a well-heeled look. The silver-colored bezel runs just 0.5 inch along the top and sides and 0.75 inch along the bottom. The stand and the cabinet are matte black.

Like all good corporate displays, the HP LP2065 is quite adjustable. The neck offers five inches of height adjustment--an inch more than most LCDs we see. However, unlike the Gateway FPD2185W, which moves smoothly and remains stable, the LP2065 is difficult to adjust and wobbles easily. A hinge at the top of the LP2065's neck lets the panel tilt smoothly 30 degrees backward and 5 degrees forward, swivel 45 degrees right and left, and pivot from landscape to portrait mode. Just above the hinge, a quick-release lever makes it easy to remove the panel for wall or arm mounting.

The HP LP2065 has two digital inputs, a USB 2.0 hub with one upstream port and two downstream ports, a cable lock slot, and a master power switch. HP includes two digital cables, two digital-to-analog cables, and one USB cord. Two more downstream USB ports can be found along the left side of the panel. The HP LP2065's cable management system keeps cords completely out of sight and allows enough slack to pivot the screen.

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