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HP EliteBook 8560w review: HP EliteBook 8560w

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The Good DreamColor IPS screen is sensational. Touch pad is a delight. Backlit keyboard. Great amount of power. SSD is a decent performer.

The Bad Status lights on the lip of the laptop make them unreadable while in use. Short battery life. You'll mortgage your life to own the high-end SKU.

The Bottom Line The HP EliteBook 8560w is a beautiful piece of engineering, providing you can afford it.

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9.5 Overall

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Every now and then a review product comes across your path that mere mortals can't afford, but will taint your reviewing experience forever.

The EliteBook 8560w is one of these. A workstation laptop with a ridiculous amount of grunt; beautiful build quality; immaculate trackpad and a lust-worthy 15.7-inch, 1920x1080 DreamColor IPS screen — if you want quality while you work, this is your nirvana.

If you're not trackpad inclined, there's a stick here as well, and to sweeten the deal, the keyboard is backlit.

Design is almost spot on for a laptop of this size, with one exception: HP has put the status lights on the lip, an utterly useless proposition as they're impossible to read when the laptop is being used.

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