HP's latest take on the 14-inch Chromebook appears to be quite a step up from last year's model . To start, it's packing an Nvidia Tegra K1 processor: this 192-core chip brings Nvidia's Kepler technology to the mobile space and is poised to be something of a powerhouse. And if you like neon, you're in luck.

I'll confess, a beefy chip with gaming roots feels rather wasted on a Chromebook, but it should make for smooth, stutter-free performance while you're zipping across the Internet or using other Chrome friendly apps. The 14-inch Chromebook will lack touch-support at launch, but HP reportedly plans to enable touch later this fall.

Speaking of the Web: the new 14-inch Chromebook will pair standard Wi-Fi connectivity with support for mobile broadband. And that's contract-free broadband, care of T-Mobile in the US and HP DataPass in Europe.

Rich Trenholm/CNET

There's currently no word on whether that's LTE or 3G data. There's also no word on available onboard storage, but the Chromebook will offer three USB ports, HDMI, and a microSD card slot in a 3.78-pound (1.7kg) package. It'll be available in the US on October 22, starting at $300. UK and Australian release dates and pricing have yet to be announced, but $300 converts to around £185 or AU$320.

There's also a new 11-inch Chromebook, though this one is equipped with a mere Celeron processor. There's no word on available onboard storage here either, but an SD card slot should offer some extra room for files. The 11-inch Chromebook also offers both USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports, HDMI, and a starting price of $280. It should be available in the US on October 5. Again, UK and Australian availability and pricing is TBC, but $280 converts to £170 or AU$300.

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