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Hitachi P50XR01 review: Hitachi P50XR01

The Good Good price; good recording quality; features galore; unusually clean pictures; fine with standard definition as well as high definition.

The Bad Black levels could be better; colours aren't always very natural.

The Bottom Line On the downside, there's no doubt that Hitachi is not currently an A-lister when it comes to plasma picture quality. That said, this is still Hitachi's best plasma performer to date, and the inclusion of the large and effective built-in hard disk recorder at a fair price should win it a fan base

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7.5 Overall

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In an AV world where it's getting ever harder to stand out from the crowd, Hitachi's latest solution, the P50XR01, is as simple as it is innovative. Just build a hard disk recorder into a TV.

This isn't the very first time this has happened. Loewe has been doing it for a while and LG and Humax both have similar systems waiting in the wings. But at the time this is being written, it's fair to say that the P50XR01 is the first TV/HDD recorder combi from a mainstream brand. At a pretty reasonable £2,000 for a 50-inch 'Full HD' plasma screen, it's just about a mainstream price, too.

Having a hard disk drive built into your TV really is a great idea. As well as cutting down on clutter, it also makes the whole HDD recording process impressively intuitive. The interface is so simple that even if you've never used an HDD recorder before, the process should feel second nature in no time.

We like the size of the HDD, too. At 250GB, the drive really is a generous provision on a debut product, and allows you to record many dozens of hours of programmes before you even start to run out of space. What's more, you can record one Freeview digital channel while recording another and those recordings are of a very decent quality indeed.

The TV can actually record the digital stream of a Freeview broadcast, so those recordings are indistinguishable from the original broadcasts. The best three of five quality settings provided for analogue channels and standard definition AV inputs are all perfectly enjoyable to watch, too.

Another thing about the P50XR01 we're rather fond of are its three HDMI sockets, especially as these sockets are v1.3 affairs able to handle the Deep Colour enhanced picture quality system from HD discs -- should any Deep Colour discs ever actually appear.

The HDMIs can also take in pure 1080p/24fps from suitably featured high definition disc players, while raising a smile elsewhere are a PC jack and both SD card and USB ports for the direct playback of JPEG photos.

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