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Hitachi G-Drive (3TB) review: Hitachi G-Drive (3TB)

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The Good Dual FireWire 800 and eSATA. Some real thought went into the fan-less cooling system. Great performance.

The Bad USB 3.0 would have added more life to the drive.

The Bottom Line We like the G-Drive. For a single drive set-up, it does quite well, and will fit nicely into any Apple ecosystem you may have.

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8.5 Overall

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Hitachi's G-Drive looks like a serious bit of kit. Built from metal, and powder coated with aluminium, it has sled-like legs that elevate it from the surface it sits on, as well as its own finned heatsink. In short, Hitachi's looking after the lifespan of its drive. Perforated sides and front add to the Mac aesthetic, and it comes HFS preformatted to finish the deal.

It's also well appointed for ports: eSATA, dual FireWire 800 ports and USB 2.0 are the connection options, allowing a variety of speeds. There's a sad lack of USB 3.0 here, but perhaps that'll make the next revision.

Firing up CrystalDiskMark with a 1GB test of random data provided some interesting results.

Sequential reads (MBps)

  • e-SATA
  • FireWire 800
  • USB 2.0
  • USB 3.0
  • 149.572.5723.78N/A
    Hitachi G-Drive (3TB)
  • 127.3583.3320.32N/A
    Western Digital My Book Studio Edition II (6TB)
  • N/A83.5921.95
    N/AWestern Digital My Book Studio (2TB)
  • N/AN/AN/A117.8
    Western Digital My Book Essential (3TB)

(Longer bars indicate better performance)

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