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Hercules DJ Console review: Hercules DJ Console

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Finally, for carrying the DJ Console around, Hercules includes a plate that fastens to the top of the device to protect the controls, as well as a shoulder strap. That, your laptop, and a USB cord is all you need--talk about a compact setup. Just make sure you have a generous selection of digital audio files with which to use your portable system; the software that comes with the Hercules DJ console is compatible with MP3 (Virtual DJ includes its own MP3 decoder license), VDJ (Virtual DJ sample format), WAV, CDA, WMA, ASF, and OGG, as well as MPEG-4, M4A, and AAC, if QuickTime is installed.

Plug the device in, and all the buttons on the device light up in sequence--much more impressive to onlookers than merely opening your laptop. We tested out the Hercules DJ Console for quite a while and found that though it's great for simple mixing, the clickable navigation knob in the center of the device just doesn't work reliably for picking songs. There's nothing worse for a DJ than panicking as you try to load up the next track with a dodgy joystick; we recommend using the mouse for song selection and the DJ Console for everything else.

On the other hand, the joystick works well for controlling effects such as brake; flanger; and 1-, 2-, 4-, 8-, 16-beat overloop, although this varies based on which DJ software you're using. As for the scratch pads, they don't produce a very vinyl-like scratch sound, but they're incredible for beat-matching. Since the included software displays each track's beat as a series of blips across the top of the screen, you can use the scratch pads to nudge the tracks so that the beats line up visually, complementing (or standing in for) your ability to beat-match by ear.

The Hercules DJ Console is available in separate PC and Mac versions. We're not sure why, since the only difference is the software, but make sure you order the right one, should you take the plunge into the DJ world with this decent yet not pro-level USB DJ device.

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