PAL, a colourful addition to the Tivoli Audio family, means you can enjoy the Model One's trademark sound quality and reception in a messy kitchen environment as well as outdoors.

Upside: PAL is Tivoli Audio's rougher, tougher and funkier version of Model One's table radio. Its magnetically shielded driver and rubberised cabinet are weather resistant so it's great for the kitchen and you can take it with you to the pool, patio or boat. The built in NiMH battery recharges in less than four hours (AC adapter included). A small green light serves as both a power and battery status indicator. Like the Model One the PAL's geared down 5:1 analog tuning dial makes for easy accurate tuning.

It also has an auxiliary input to connect CD, MP3, or even the audio output from your computer or portable video camera and output for stereo headphones. Adding to the fun is its bright colour range: pick from grey, green, white, brown, red, electric blue, yellow or your basic black.  

Downside: Like its Model One predecessor, the PAL is a great sounding radio, but the drawback again is that it's only a radio - and an expensive one. It has a few more audio inputs, but that's sort of beside the point in a portable device.

Outlook: If you need a good radio on your boat and, presuming you're not going so far out to sea that you're out of broadcast range, then PAL's a top of the range option.