Hazro HZ30W review: Hazro HZ30W

The Good Very high image quality; good build quality; reasonable price.

The Bad No USB or memory card slots; basic stand; short on inputs; short warranty.

The Bottom Line This is a very high-quality 30-inch monitor, both in terms of display and build. It's low on frills, but sells at a lower price point than the competition. A good choice for graphics professionals or anyone requiring a lot of screen space

7.5 Overall

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A newcomer to the monitor market, Hazro has introduced a range of professional widescreen displays starting at 23 inches in size. All use high-quality panels and share almost identical physical design and sturdy aluminium construction.

The biggest of the bunch, the £850 HZ30W, joins a very small number of 30-inch displays currently available. With a strong emphasis on high quality at a low price, Hazro has removed all unnecessary frills such as USB ports and audio -- along with some we'd rather were included, such as a height-adjustable and swivelling stand.

All of these features are available on Dell’s popular UltraSharp 3007WFP, but unlike the Dell product the HZ30W's metal casing allows it to be completely sealed from the air, preventing problems with dust and or accidental liquid spillages.

In most respects, the HZ30W is very much like the other monitors in the HZ range. The styling is identical, as is the finish and the build quality, but there are two major differences other than size.

Like most 30-inch monitors on the market, the HZ30W offers a very basic set of controls. In fact, there's no on-screen menu system at all. All you get is a pair of touch-sensitive brightness controls mounted discretely beneath the bezel along with a power switch, illuminated with tiny LEDs.

The belief is that users of 30-inch monitors are a different breed. These people know how to calibrate their monitors themselves, and unnecessary options such as contrast controls or colour temperature options simply get in the way. For professional users, the only reason for entering the menu system is to verify that nothing has been set up incorrectly -- and with the HZ30W you don't need to do this.

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