Harman/Kardon CP 25

Harman/Kardon CP 25

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Harman Kardon CP 25
Quick Take: The Harman Kardon CP 25 is the middle of three component-based home-theater-in-a-box systems (HTIBs) in Harman Kardon's 2006 line and the most affordable of the company's packages to offer 7.1-channel surround sound. Like the other two CP models in Harman's product line, the CP 25 simply comprises an A/V receiver, a DVD player, and a surround speaker package that you could otherwise buy separately. However, these matching products are packaged together for convenience and include a single remote control. The advantage of component-based home-theater systems is that they tend to offer better sound quality, more features, and more flexibility (such as plenty of inputs and outputs to connect other A/V devices) than smaller "lifestyle friendly" systems. But unlike the lifestyle systems (such as Harman's own HS 100), the component-based systems are big and bulky, and they're intended for users with a bit more home-theater experience. Note that Harman's component-based HTIBs comprise products--such as the receivers--that are not necessarily the latest model the company offers.

Harman Kardon's 2006 HTIB models compared:

Model Quick take Included components Price
Harman Kardon HS 100 Harman Kardon's most affordable HTIB is also its most attractive: this slick-looking system is anchored by an all-in-one receiver/amplifier/disc player that's not much bigger than your average DVD player. All-in-one receiver/DVD player; HKTS 7 5.1-speaker package
Harman Kardon CP 15 This system offers HK's entry-level 2005 receiver, 5.1-speaker package, and matching DVD player in one package. AVR 135 receiver; DVD 22 DVD player; HKTS 8 5.1-speaker package
Harman Kardon CP 25 The step-up to the CP 15 includes a better receiver and a 7.1-speaker system--as well as a DVD player--in one package. AVR 235 receiver; DVD 22 DVD player; HKTS 7 (5.1) plus one pair of HKS 3 speakers
Harman Kardon CP 35 HK's top-of-the-line HTIB bundles the AVR 335 receiver, the DVD 31 DVD player, and a 7.1-channel version of the capable HKTS 14 speaker package. AVR 335 receiver; DVD 31 DVD player; HKTS 14 (5.1) plus one pair of HKS 4 speakers