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Hannspree SV (SV32LMNB) review: Hannspree SV (SV32LMNB)

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The Good Stylish design; good media support via the USB port; fairly low price tag; decent black levels.

The Bad Inaccurate colours; noisy standard-definition pictures; motion blur.

The Bottom Line The 32-inch Hannspree SV32LMNB LED TV looks attractive and offers some good features, but its picture quality isn't as accomplished as that of budget sets from big-name rivals.

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6.5 Overall

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Taiwanese company Hannspree's made a name for itself by producing cheap and cheerful monitors, as well as a range of quirky small-screen TVs with animal-themed designs. But the company has put the novelties aside with its latest range of LED-illuminated LCD tellies.

The 32-inch, 1080p SV32LMNB sits in the middle of the range, between the smaller 28-inch model and the larger 42-inch offering. Priced at around £420, it's relatively cheap for a slim LED set, but does it have the performance to rival sets from better-known manufacturers?

Handsome fellow

The SV32LMNB's design is very reminiscent of LG's last generation of TVs, which is no bad thing, as they were fairly good-looking sets. The screen is framed by a black bezel with a transparent lip running around the outer edge.

This two-tone design is carried over to the attractive stand, giving the whole set a more upmarket look than its budget price tag would suggest. The set's slim dimensions consolidate this impression, as it measures just 46mm thick.

Like the majority of today's 32-inch models, this one has three HDMI ports, one of which is side-mounted for easy access when you're hooking up portable devices like camcorders and laptops. There's also a set of component inputs for use with older high-definition gear, along with two Scart sockets, a VGA port and a composite input.

The EPG is basic and sluggish.

Sadly, the TV lacks a Freeview HD tuner, so you'll miss out on channels like BBC One HD and Channel 4 HD unless you already have a HD service from the likes of Sky, freesat or Virgin Media. It does, however, have a standard-definition Freeview tuner. The TV doesn't have an Ethernet port, so there's no support for online services such as BBC iPlayer.

On the plus side, Hannspree has fitted it with a side-mounted USB port that can be used to play back photos, music and videos. Format support for the latter is pretty good -- we found both DivX and MKV files played without any problems.

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