Habit sends you a kit that includes a lancets and cards to collect blood samples. You send them to the company for analysis.

Tyler Lizenby/CNET

A diet might make the weight melt off one person, while someone else eating the same food could gain some pounds. A startup called Habit promises to find the right meal plan for you by analyzing your blood, DNA and Fitbit steps.

Habit showed off their $299 at-home kit (roughly converting to £241 or AU$408) for collecting your vitals at a CES preview event Wednesday (ironically, right next to a table full of hot dogs for the press). The kit includes everything you need to collect your biometrics for them to analyze: lancets for blood samples, mouth swabs for DNA samples and a tape measure for your body dimensions. You send everything back to Habit, and they'll analyze your information to create a food profile that recommends food you should eat to lose weight.

You can order a Habit kit if you live in the San Francisco area. Founder and CEO Neil Grimmer said Tuesday the company will eventually expand nationwide.

Habit has also partnered with Fitbit, the fitness company responsible for those ubiquitous step trackers. Once you sync your Fitbit and Habit accounts, Habit can recommend how many calories you should eat daily based on the number of steps you take.

Habit also includes an optional personalized meal delivery service and health coaching in its offerings.