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Grundig Trio Touch review: Grundig Trio Touch

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The Good Responsive touchscreen. Low on "frivolous" features. Optical output. DAB+ slideshow compatible. Detachable speakers. Decent sound.

The Bad DAB+ not very sensitive. Sound lacks presence.

The Bottom Line The Grundig Trio Touch is a streaming desktop radio and iPod dock that does a lot of things well, but DAB+ reception is a little spotty.

7.9 Overall

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Who made touch popular? Was it Apple, or was it dark horse Hewlett-Packard? Wherever the trend started it shows no sign of abating, especially when it comes to entertainment devices. While we see plenty of touchscreen MP3 players here at CNET Australia, we've only seen a couple of touchscreen radios, the not-too-bad iRiver B30 handheld and the surprisingly disappointing Pure Sensia desktop.

Now Grundig has taken Pure's idea and distilled it (though how it's possible to distil something that's already pure is a matter of conjecture). The Trio Touch is a slideshow-compatible DAB+ radio and iPod dock, which features a 3.5-inch touchscreen and internet connectivity via Ethernet.

The build is plastic but not tacky, and the engineers have shown attention to detail with the rubberised bottoms on the detachable speakers and real speaker binding posts. The device's controls are minimal and consist of the touchscreen and a volume control that doubles as a power button.

The screen is intuitive to navigate and quite responsive — unlike Pure's visually-impressive-but-hard-to-use 5.7-inch portal. The menus are sensibly laid out and quick to traverse. Grundig also does away with fripperies such as weather and Facebook, and sticks to what people want from a music player: music! The player includes streaming from DLNA devices (including FLAC support) and provides access to internet radio stations.

In addition, the Trio has Last.FM integration which will show you some of your scrobbles (from other devices), and if you click on the "iPod" icon at the bottom of the screen while listening to iPod it will allow you to stream artists similar to the one playing.

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