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Grundig Replay review: Grundig Replay

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Recording the channel playing at the time is a simple process, simply insert any SD card and press the "Record" button and if you're listening to FM radio it will record in lossless .wav format while the DAB+ recordings appear to be replicated exactly in the broadcast .aac format. As we expected, it's not possible to change channels while recording.

While the recorded .aac files didn't work in iTunes as expected, we did get them to work with Windows Media Player with the CCCP media plug-in installed. The recordings didn't display any tendency for harshness and we were swept back to the days of recording AM radio to cassette tapes.

As an aside, the SD card slot on our test unit was a little fickle, if you exerted the normal amount of pressure to insert it the card would simply eject again.

The only disappointment about the recording feature is the one thing that Grundig can't control: the lack of EPG content. While ABC ostensibly provides an EPG at the time of writing it's simply a list of dates. For example, the single listing for tomorrow's ABC Dig Radio reads: "01/02/2011 Music With Depth".

While the governing body behind digital radio is hopeful that the EPG will take off, we think more devices will need to support it first. In the meantime, ABC needs to list individual programs before this feature becomes useful on the Replay.


While the EPG is a non-starter so far, the recording function is actually quite useful. When you combine this with an attractive desktop radio with a friendly readout and commendable sound quality, then the Grundig Replay manages to poke its head above the competition.

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