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Griffin TuneBuds (White)

Griffin TuneBuds (White)

Quick Take: The idea of having a stylish MP3 player tethered to a lanyard around your neck might seem like a good idea--until you realize that it's just one more cord to untangle before you're ready to go. The convenience of having your iPod Shuffle at your fingertips, however, is one innovation that should not be overlooked when choosing an accessory, and luckily, Griffin Technology has come to the rescue. The Griffin TuneBuds functions exactly the same as your standard lanyard accessory with one major difference: built-in earphones. All you have to do is pop off the USB cap to your Shuffle, replace it with the TuneBuds cover, string the soft nylon lanyard over your neck, and pop in the earbuds; simplicity is bliss. In addition, the relatively inexpensive ($19.99) Tunebud earphones are definitely not your standard lo-fi 'buds. In this reviewer's opinion, the harmonies and bass thumps in the music came through much clearer and with less distortion than the stock iPod headphones.

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