Griffin Technology ClearBoost review: Griffin Technology ClearBoost

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The Good The Griffin ClearBoost has a sturdy, low-key design and it comes with a couple of accessories. Also, it should give a small boost to your iPhone's reception under certain conditions.

The Bad Griffin ClearBoost won't boost a signal in environments with extremely poor reception and it's not compatible with the iPhone 3G.

The Bottom Line The Griffin ClearBoost is a great protective case for your iPhone, but its signal boosting capability is variable.

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6.7 Overall

When we reviewed the original Apple iPhone, we loved its snazzy Web browser, lovely interface, and top-notch media player. Its phone, however, didn't set us over the edge. Not only is the volume quiet, but also the reception wavers from time to time. Sure, it's perfectly good for making calls, but we were hoping for better from such a high-profile device. That's why we were excited when Griffin Technologies introduced its ClearBoost case. The ClearBoost is like no other iPhone accessory in that it promises to address two issues at once: protect the iPhone from scratches and nicks while giving the handset's antenna a boost. We were skeptical, too, so we had to give it a try.

After some testing, we can report that the ClearBoost accomplishes its first goal admirably. The case has a sturdy build and it comes with a few accessories to protect your device. Its success at reaching the second goal, however, isn't consistent. Though the actual "boost" can be enough to improve your signal measurably under some circumstances, it doesn't appear to help when you really need it. But even so, it's not a bad buy at $34.99, particularly if you need a new iPhone case and you get mediocre reception in your home or office. You should get some difference, but don't expect it to suddenly deliver a crystal clear signal. Also, keep in mind that the ClearBoost is not designed to fit the new iPhone 3G.

We give the ClearBoost points for its simple and minimalist design. The black plastic shell wraps around the back and edges of the iPhone, while leaving holes for the camera lens, the exterior controls and ports, and the SIM card slot. The case snaps on very securely with a loud click. In fact, the fit was so solid that the ClearBoost was a bit difficult to remove. Naturally, the case will make your iPhone a little thicker, but we got used to the extra girth quickly. On the downside, you can't use your iPhone dock when the case is on.

We liked that the case came with two accessories. Since the ClearBoost leaves your display exposed, it comes with a plastic skin to protect the screen from any scrapes. The skin affixes easily and leaves gaps for the Home button and the earpiece. You also get a cleaning cloth, which is especially useful if you've lost the cloth that came with your iPhone (as we have).

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