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Griffin EarJams

The Griffin EarJams are advertised to improve your stock iPod earbuds' sound quality, but all we got was a lot of bass and chafed ears.

Griffin EarJams

Is your iPod just not quite loud enough for your taste? You could spring $199 for HeadRoom's BitHead amp or about $80 for a nice pair of full-size headphones, or you could drop just $15 on a set of Griffin's EarJams. This minimalist accessory snaps onto your iPod's earbuds, offering as much as 10dB of amplification. Griffin also asserts they deliver improved sound and deeper bass. The EarJams come with three different-size rubber 'buds that help to seal off the ear canal and keep out background noise. In our tests, we found the EarJams to work largely as advertised; bass was more noticeable, although sound wasn't much improved. It's worth mentioning, too, that the plastic edges of the EarJams (where they snap onto the earbuds) tended to chafe the inside of our ears.

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