Griffin disko Case

If you're an iPod or Sansa owner looking to light up your own private dance floor--raver style--then Griffin's Disko could be right up your alley. Practical-minded folks, however, should steer clear.

CNET Reviews staff
When I first saw the press release for Griffin's Disko iPod case, I admit that I was intrigued by the circle of multicolored, flashing LEDs surrounding the scrollwheel. Even the $30 price tag seemed reasonable--I mean, the lights flash in sync to the music or something, right? Wrong. In person, the Disko is more than a bit disappointing. The lights just flash the same four patterns in the same order every time you pick up the case and shake it a bit (the shaking part is slightly cool). At least it uses its own battery rather than drawing power from the player--that's something.

Something else is that the hard plastic case, available in white or black, is very sturdy and would certainly protect your iPod from long drops. Of course, this means the Disko is bulky and--other than the circle of red, blue, and green LEDs around the scrollwheel--rather dull-looking as well. Griffin also makes a Disko for the SanDisk Sansa e200 series (black only).

by Jasmine France