The BreakSafe cable for USB-C, plugged into a Macbook.

Sarah Tew/CNET

Tripping over cables, or dragging your device to the ground because you forgot a cable was connected, is one of the most irritating first-world problem that exists.

To prevent your life from turning into a bad infomercial, Griffin expanded its line of BreakSafe cables. These cables come in two parts: one part plugs into your device and stays put, while the other connects to the first part via magnets. The magnets allow the two sections to detach easily in the case of a forceful jerk, saving you (and your device) from a sudden fall to the ground.

The BreakSafe USB adapter (front) and the car charger (rear).

Lynn La/CNET

At CES 2017, the company released a 100-watt version of its 60-watt BreakSafe USB-C Power Cable, which can easily charge the 85 watt, 15-inch MacBook Pro. (Though, when we tried using the 60-watt cable to charge the Pro, it worked.) It can also charge non-Apple products too, like the Google Chromebook Pixel.

Griffin also expanded its cable series for USB Type-A, another USB port that is still used by many devices. This includes the BreakSafe Car Charger and Wall Charger. Perhaps most interesting, however, is the Magnet USB Breakaway Adapter. The adapter essentially turns any USB Type-A cable into a BreakSafe cable -- rendering your days of tripping over your phone charger or pulling down your portable hardware drives, over.

Griffin's products sell globally and the USB adapter will be available in Q1 of this year for $20 (about £16 and AU$28 converted). While the car charger, wall charger and 100-watt version of the USB-C cable will cost $40 (£32, AU$55 converted) and will come out in Q2.