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GoVideo DP7240 review: GoVideo DP7240

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The Good Inexpensive; rugged design; car adapter included.

The Bad Not superlight; so-so battery life.

The Bottom Line We're not sure the DP7240 is quite as rugged as GoVideo claims, but it's still a solid portable DVD player at a nice price.

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4.9 Overall

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GoVideo's off-road DVD player

GoVideo calls its DP7240 an "off-road" portable DVD player, and on the packaging, you'll find a screenshot of an ATV (all-terrain vehicle) on the player's display. What it would mean to actually take the player "off-road" is open to question, but the DP7240 does have Impact Shield rubber edges that could make it more durable than other portable DVD players.

All in all, the DP7240, which has a seven-inch screen, is an attractive-looking player that, due to its rubberized exterior, feels nice to the touch. The buttons are well placed for easy navigation, and we appreciate that the color and brightness control dials are right under the screen (the dials offer more precise control of the settings than the menu-adjustable levels found on most other players).

One small design gripe: a couple of buttons on the side of the unit (the power button is one) have a shine that makes them look a little cheap. Also, in a cost-cutting move, the DP7240, like its larger sibling the DP8440, uses a detachable nickel-metal-hydride battery. These batteries tend to be heavier than lithium-ion reachargeable batteries, which may help contribute to the player's relatively hefty 2.75-pound weight.

A car adapter and cables for hooking up the unit to a TV are included, along with a credit card-style remote. And as with most other current portables, the image on the screen can be flipped in case you decide to mount the player upside-down in your car.

You get a reasonable amount of connectivity, though there's only one headphone jack, so you'll need a Y adapter accessory to share the unit with another viewer. On the right side, you'll find a set of jacks that double as A/V inputs and outputs. Like its larger sibling, the unit allegedly offers progressive-scan output in case you want to connect the player to an HD-capable TV. But we were unable to test the feature because GoVideo does not include a component-video--or S-Video--adapter/cable. A digital coaxial output is available for digital surround-sound output, but again, the adapter/cable is not provided, and we're not sure where you'd pick one up.

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