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Google Places review: Google Places

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The Good Direct links to street view and navigation; Option to call from the listing; Quick access to Google's huge database of places; Quick link to street view.

The Bad Listings not always accurate; Imperial units and Americanisms.

The Bottom Line More details on each listing, quick links to mapping features, and access from within Google Maps make Places another sweet treat for Android phones -- and it's free

Visit for details.

7.5 Overall

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Feeling judgemental? Google Places makes it easy to search for nearby stuff and read other's people's damning reviews, as well as find out the gory details of opening hours and contact numbers.

Tells you where to go

Places is actually an update to the Google Maps app, so don't go looking for it in the app store under its own name. Instead, search for Google Maps and install the latest 4.4 version. But you may have problems if you're blessed with version 2.2 of Android, which is currently only available on the Google Nexus One. The installation failed for us on that version, but worked fine on a Samsung Galaxy S running Android 2.1.

Once Places is installed, you can get at the new features in two ways -- click the Places icon that's been dropped into your app menu, or search for what you're looking for directly in Google Maps.

You can access Places on its own, or from within Google Maps

If you use the Places app, it's essentially a list of shortcuts to search Google's directory of shops, restaurants, pubs and other attractions. The results are delivered in a handy list, with a snippet of review for each. But we were confused with the order of results, which didn't seem to be sorted in distance or alphabetical order. We also disliked the fact that all the distances where shown in Imperial units, with Americanisms such as "gas station", and no option to change these.

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