GN Netcom GN6110

Quick Take: Though it resembles half an earmuff, the GN Netcom GN6110 is lightweight and comfortable to wear. It also boasts ample, clear audio quality with good reception, and we appreciated the large controls. But its most unique feature is its ability to sync automatically with a cell phone and a landline. Simply plug your home or office phone line into the charging cradle, and you can talk away without being chained to your desk. And as a bonus, the switching process between calls was painless. One downside, though: the charging cradle is rather hefty, and the release button is fragile. More than once, the headset popped out of the cradle while charging.

We tested the headset on the Nokia 6820, the Motorola V600, and the Sony Ericsson T616. Call quality generally was good, with clear reception. We were able to hear callers clearly, and they reported the same. As for its battery life, the GN6110 promises a talk time of four hours and a standby time of seven days. In our tests, we fell short of the rated standby time by two days. For more Bluetooth headsets, check out our Bluetooth headset roundup.