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An image taken at the wide end of the lens (top) and 15x zoom (bottom). 100 per cent crops are inset. (Credit: CBSi)

Give the X5 a bright, sunny day though, and its images are certainly acceptable for casual photographs and for use at reduced magnification. Chromatic aberration was also quite prominent, and thanks to the small sensor, the X5 blew out highlights like there was no tomorrow. The lens also exhibited pretty bad barrel distortion at its widest end (27mm) and it's quite clear that the sensor has too many megapixels crammed on to it for the lens to be able to resolve with any clarity.

Image samples

Click each image below for JPEGs straight from the X5. No post-processing has been done to alter these photos.

Exposure: 1/30, f/3, ISO 89

Exposure: 1/154, f/7, ISO 64

Exposure: 1/75, f/3, ISO 64

Exposure: 1/105, f/5.1, ISO 64, 15x zoom

(Credit: CBSi)


The X5 is built to a price — a very cheap price at that. If you need an extensive zoom and can't afford to shell out for a more fully-featured superzoom, the X5 will be adequate enough, but its inconsistent image quality and slow performance won't endear it to anyone more than just a casual photographer.

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