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GE GBE10ESJSB Compact Bottom Freezer Refrigerator review: This small bottom-freezer fridge was a big disappointment

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MSRP: $900.00

The Good The GE GBE10ESJSB is a true space saver, and a good fit for tiny kitchens. The stainless-steel design is basic, but fashionable.

The Bad Performance was all over the map in our tests, with eyebrow-raisingly high temperatures at the top of the fridge and subzero chill in the freezer.

The Bottom Line Settle for this fridge if you must, but we think you'll be a lot happier with another compact option.

Visit for details.

6.0 Overall
  • Features 5
  • Design 7
  • Performance 5.5
  • Usability 6.5

If you're living with a cramped kitchen, or if you just want a small, simple second fridge for a basement or a garage, then you might consider the GBE10ESJSB, a compact bottom-freezer model from GE. It's just 24 inches wide and barely over 5 feet tall, but it still offers over 10 cubic feet of storage space. The cost? $900.

I'd recommend shopping around before buying. To be specific, you'll want to take a good look at the LG LTNC11121V, a similarly narrow, compact top-freezer model. It costs $200 less than GE's compact-size option, but offers better performance, slightly more storage space, a nicer-looking design and even a couple of extra features like a pull-out shelf and a manual ice maker.

Even in its slim package, the GBE10ESJSB sticks to the bottom-freezer script. Your fridge section is up top for easy access to your fresh ingredients, while the freezer section sits below. You'll get to that freezer by opening a door that swings open, which is typically a little less desirable than one that pulls out like a drawer for easier access.

Still, it's a nice design considering that most full-size bottom freezers start at around $1,200. If you don't need the full-size space, then the GBE10ESJSB offers the same fresh-food access for less money.

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