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GE 60W Equivalent Daylight LED review: The price is right for this middle-of-the-road daylight LED

With satisfyingly neutral, hot white light and more brightness than Cree, this $5 daylight LED isn't a bad pick.

Ry Crist Senior Editor / Reviews - Labs
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Ry Crist
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Among daylight LEDs, GE's 60W replacement sits in the middle of the pack. It isn't the brightest, it isn't the most efficient, and it isn't the best if you're looking for something that'll work well with dimmer switches. It isn't the worst by any of those metrics either, though, and at $5 a pop, it's about as cheap as dimmable daylight LEDs get. That makes it a solid if unspectacular choice if all you need is a quick replacement bulb that shines at a neutral white.


GE 60W Equivalent Daylight LED

The Good

GE's Daylight LED offers a best-in-category 10-year warranty -- twice as long as you'll get from bulbs that cost a few bucks more. It's also rated to last a few years longer than the average LED.

The Bad

The bulb is about 20 percent less bright than advertised, and it isn't as efficient as most of the competition, either. It was also just so-so in our dimmability tests.

The Bottom Line

None of this bulb's shortcomings disqualify it from consideration. At five bucks, it's a decent daylight value.

For this roundup, I headed out to my local Lowe's, Home Depot, Walmart and Target, picking up each and every dimmable 60W replacement daylight LED I could find. GE's was the heaviest, bulkiest bulb of the bunch, but also one of the cheapest, beat out only by the $4 Walmart Great Value Daylight LED.

Dimmable 60W replacement daylight LEDs

GE 60W Equivalent Daylight LEDWalmart Great Value 60W Equivalent Daylight LEDSylvania 60W Equivalent Daylight LEDPhilips 60W Equivalent Daylight LEDPhilips SlimStyle Daylight LEDCree 4Flow Daylight LED
Lumens (measured/stated) 711 / 900709 / 800738 / 800738 / 800670 / 800625 / 815
Watts 11108.5910.510
Efficiency (lumens per watt) 657187826463
Yearly energy cost (3 hours of use per day) $1.32 $1.20 $1.02 $1.08 $1.26 $1.20
Color temperature (measured/stated) 4,575 K / 5,000 K4,562 K / 5,000 K4,781 K / 5,000 K4,645 K / 5,000 K4,758 K / 5,000 K4,561 K / 5,000 K
Dimmable range 13.4 - 92.5%18.4 - 99.5%2.1 - 96.1%9.9 - 93.2 %13.4 - 94.9%5.0 - 100%
Dimmer switch flicker/buzz LightModerateModerateVery lightLightVery light
Lifespan 30,000 hours25,000 hours25,000 hours25,000 hours25,000 hours30,000 hours
Weight 3.8 oz.2.9 oz.3.0 oz.2.3 oz.2.2 oz.1.9 oz.
Energy Star Certification YesYesYesYesYesYes
Warranty 10-year3-year5-year5-year3-year5-year
Price $5 $4 $8 $8 $5 $6

The two are very, very similar, but GE might be worth the extra buck, thanks to its category-leading 10-year warranty. It also works better with dimmer switches than the Walmart bulb does -- though I still caught a slight flicker from GE when I dimmed the bulb down to minimum settings.

Six dimmable daylight LEDs for your consideration

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Those minimum settings came out to an average of 13.4 percent of the bulb's maximum brightness, which isn't a great result. Compare it with the Cree 4Flow Daylight LED, a bulb which dims all the way down to 5 percent, and flickers less than GE, too. It's a better pick if you like the lights down low.

That said, if you don't need to dim it, the GE 60W Replacement Daylight LED is a fine choice at five bucks, and a no-brainer upgrade over incandescents and fluorescents. Sometimes, good enough is exactly that -- good enough.


GE 60W Equivalent Daylight LED

Score Breakdown

Design 6Value 10Performance 7