GE 5W Vintage Style LED Light Bulb review: Nifty nostalgia from GE's latest vintage-style LED bulbs

Like most vintage-style bulbs, GE's spiral filament LEDs put out light at a low, orange-y color temperature, thanks in part to the golden tint of the glass. I'm not always a fan of the tinted glass approach, as it tends to make for an artificial quality of light, but in GE's case, I think it works. Each bulb puts out the same sort of ruddy, candlelike glow as an old, exposed-filament incandescent. If it's nostalgia you're after, then these bulbs nail it.

They're also very good on dimmer switches. Each one was able to dim smoothly down to complete darkness, giving you lots of room to dial things down nice and low. Even better, each one did so on all of the switches on my test rig without any noticeable flicker or buzz. That rig includes common slider switches from Lutron and Leviton, as well as an old rotary dial designed for incandescents only -- GE didn't have any trouble with any of them.

Chris Monroe/CNET

The verdict

GE's new vintage-style bulbs probably aren't for everybody, but they're still good bulbs. Though not as bright as a common 60W bulb or even a 40W accent light, they were still brighter than advertised, and bright enough to function well in exposed bulb setups where you'll probably prefer a lower lumen count. To that end, they also work great with dimmer switches.

You've got a lot of vintage-style options at this point -- including bulbs that cost a lot less -- but if I were buying, I think it would come down to GE and Feit. Both lines look great, both performed well in my tests, and both cost about $10 per bulb -- not the best value in the category, but not unreasonable for a quality product, either. After a quick poll of the office, most seemed to voice a slight preference for Feit's double helix design over GE's single spiral, but GE's bulbs were the better performers on dimmer switches. Either option will do the trick if you're in the market for neat-looking lights.

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