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Gateway FPD2185W review: Gateway FPD2185W

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The Good Superb overall image quality; extremely adjustable; affordably priced; has loads of connections, including HDTV, composite, component, S-Video, and USB ports.

The Bad Merely average DVD-playback quality; skimpy one-year warranty; DVI cable and speakers sold separately.

The Bottom Line The Gateway FPD2185W's excellent image quality, adjustability, extra features, and decent price make it tough to beat.

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7.5 Overall
  • Design 7
  • Features 8
  • Performance 8
  • Support 6
  • Setup 7

Gateway FPD2185W

The Gateway FPD2185W, a 21-inch wide-screen LCD, has a great set of features and connections, excellent image quality, and lots of adjustability. At $599.99, it's one of the least-expensive 20-plus-inch LCDs we've seen. In fact, for displays this size, we've seen better image quality from only the HP f2105--a more expensive, entertainment-focused display that has built-in speakers but not as many video ports as the Gateway FPD2185W.

The Gateway FPD2185W's smooth rounded edges, sleek matte-black finish, and shiny charcoal-colored sides give it a classic look. The bezel runs 1 inch wide along the top, 0.75 inch along the sides, and 1.5 inches at the bottom. A strip of glossy black plastic encloses the screen.

The FDP2185W offers every adjustability option imaginable: 4.5 inches of height adjustment, as well as 35 degrees of swivel to the left and right and 20 degrees of tilt to the back and 5 degrees forward; the panel also pivots from landscape to horizontal. The monitor moves so smoothly that all adjustments can be made with one finger.

The control panel sits out of sight on the panel's right side, so you have to turn the monitor to see which buttons you're pressing. Using the onscreen menu, you can switch inputs; autoadjust the picture; and control brightness, contrast, and RGB settings, as well as what input you view in the picture-in-picture windows. Though the menu controls take some getting used to, the Gateway FPD2185W comes with a first-rate printed user guide that explains the menu settings in detail and describes the initial setup procedure clearly.

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