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Gateway CX200 review: Gateway CX200

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Our $1,964 Gateway CX200X test configuration featured some pretty high-end components for a tablet, including a fast, 2.13GHz Pentium M processor, 1GB of swift 533MHz memory, an 80GB hard drive spinning at 5,400rpm, and a high-performance ATI Mobility Radeon X600 graphics accelerator with 64MB of its own memory. On CNET Labs' mobile benchmarks, the CX200X scored about even with an Acer TravelMate C314XMi with a 2GHz processor, and the Gateway came out 27 percent ahead of the Toshiba Satellite R15--not surprising, given the Toshiba's slower, 1.6GHz processor.

Unfortunately, power comes at the expense of battery life: the Gateway's eight-cell battery drained after 2 hours, 55 minutes--well behind the Acer's 3 hours, 22 minutes and the Toshiba's 4 hours, 42 minutes. Still, if you're looking for a notebook with power and tablet functionality, the CX200X is at the top of the list; if you're looking for a tablet that's more practical for mobile use, we recommend the ThinkPad X41 Tablet or the HP Compaq tc4200.

Every Gateway CX200X comes with an industry-standard one-year ship-in warranty; the rotating hinge--the most fragile part on the machine--is covered for three years. You can upgrade the whole warranty to three years for only $169; onsite service for three years costs another $70. During the warranty period, technicians are available 24/7 via a toll-free phone number; the company also promises to reply to e-mail support questions within 24 hours. Gateway's support site has a lot of downloads, spec sheets, and setup suggestions. There's a chat room to compare notes with other users, but users are currently discussing only upgrades; the site lacks the option for a live chat with a technician. For more detailed information about warranties and service plans, check out Computer Shopper's overview of 37 major computer vendors.

Mobile application performance
(Longer bars indicate better performance)
BAPCo MobileMark 2002 performance rating  

Battery life
(Longer bars indicate better performance)
BAPCo MobileMark 2002 battery life in minutes  

Find out more about how we test Windows notebooks.

System configurations:
Acer TravelMate C310
Windows XP Tablet 2005; 2GHz Intel Pentium M 760; 1,024MB DDR2 SDRAM PC4300 533MHz; Nvidia GeForce Go 6600 6200 128MB; Seagate ST9100822A 100GB 4,200rpm

Gateway CX200X
Windows XP Tablet 2005; 2.13GHz Intel Pentium M 770; 1,024MB DDR2 SDRAM PC4300 533MHz; ATI Mobility Radeon X600 SE 128MB; Fujitsu MHT2080BH 80GB 4,200rpm

Toshiba Satellite R15-S822
Windows XP Tablet 2005; 1.6GHz Intel Pentium M 725; 512MB DDR2 SDRAM PC2700 333MHz; Intel 82852/82855 GM/GME 64MB; Hitachi Travelstar 5K100 60GN 60GB 5,400rpm

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