Gateway 800 series GM Media Center - First Take

Gateway's retailer-only Media Center desktops provide an approachable entry point to home-theater computing.

Gateway 800 Series GM Media Center
Gateway's 800-series GM Media Center systems are fixed-configuration desktop computers that you'll find at Circuit City, Best Buy, Office Depot, and other technology retailing superstores. The 800 series consists of five different models, three with Pentium 4 630 CPUs and two with dual-core Pentium D processors. All of the models come with Windows Media Center 2005, but in general, the line appears aimed more toward the desk than the living room. The midtower chassis isn't exactly media-stack ready (although it is BTX, which lends itself to quiet operation), and only the highest-end system for each chip, the 832GM and the 840GM, come with TV tuner cards. If you're looking for a versatile home or home-office desktop that will let you dabble in home-theater computing, you may find an 800-series GM system that meets your needs.