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Would you wear this on a date?


Everyday-looking watches can have fitness baked in, too. Fossil watches do it, Nokia's watches do it, and last year's Garmin Vivomove did it, too. The latest version, Vivomove HR, also adds heart rate, potentially making this year's model a much more functional fitness tracker.

But that's not the most impressive part of Garmin's new Vivomove HR. Instead, I'm fascinated by its display.

Vivomove HR combines an analog watch with an LED readout that seems to pop right off the traditional watchface, layering that touch display on top of the analog watch. Frankly, it looks pretty good, and it seems to have a full set of fitness readouts.

According to Garmin, the Vivomove HR can get full vibrating notifications via iOS or Android, plus on-watch touchscreen controls.


Good for yoga?


The heart-rate sensor can also measure heart-rate variability and stress levels, and comes with a new breathing/relaxation timer function called Four-Fold Breath, a variant on Apple's "Breathe" and Fitbit's "Relax." It's water-resistant for swimming, and Garmin promises five days of battery life in smart mode, or two weeks in watch mode.

The Vivomove HR can get pricey, depending on the model: the Vivomove HR Sport is $200, while the steel-body, leather-strap Vivomove HR Premium is $300.

Add the Vivomove HR to the pile of fitness watches that are suddenly piling up for the fall.