Garmin Approach S1 review: Garmin Approach S1

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MSRP: $179.99

The Good Easy to use. Lightweight.

The Bad Slightly awkward to recharge.

The Bottom Line It won't make the shot for you, but this accurate and simple to use GPS golf watch will give you more confidence that you're making the correct club selection.

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9.5 Overall

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Garmin is now applying its expertise in GPS navigation to golf, a sport where knowing your exact position is most useful.


The Approach S1 builds this GPS functionality into a simple, light-weight watch interface. Weighing just 52-grams, it functions as a rugged, waterproof everyday watch, with large easy-to-see numbers on a screen that is bright enough to see clearly, even in direct sunlight.

You control it via four buttons on the perimeter of the face which are dead simple to figure out. There's the light/power button on the top left, OK/menu on the bottom left, and then the Up and Down buttons on the right side help you cycle through its handful of menu options.

The rechargeable lithium ion battery lasts for three weeks for normal watch functions and about 8 hours in GPS mode — more than enough to get in a round or two. The recharging clip is a tad fiddly in that it has multiple contact points that you have to line up, but overall, that's not a significant issue.