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FutureDial Suite review: FutureDial Suite

FutureDial's picture-transfer process was a bit limited. With the Motorola V600, we could upload images only from our PC to our phone, not the other way around. Other handsets allow full functionality, but it's a pretty big deal when you can't access any photos taken with your camera phone. FutureDial has some photo-editing options, but they're not as plentiful as in the other syncing software we tested. Worse, there are no ring-tone editing options at all, and we were disappointed that unlike its competitors, FutureDial didn't come with any sample tones. Be advised that you can't download ring tones from the phone to the computer using FutureDial, but such is the case for all syncing software (due to copyright restrictions).

Unfortunately, because our phone didn't support the feature, we weren't able to use FutureDial's text-messaging options, which allow you to compose, send, and edit text messages on your computer. You can also use the software to transfer important messages to your computer for safekeeping, but since not all phones support this feature either, you'd be wise to check that yours does.

FutureDial also includes modem capability. If you're ever without an Internet connection, your cell phone can act as a modem with the software's help. To do this, you'll need your ISP information (this varies from mobile to mobile, so contact your provider for details) and a data plan from your carrier. Data speeds will vary from carrier to carrier, and any minutes you spend online will be deducted from your monthly plan.

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