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Full for iOS review: Capable goal-tracking app needs work

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The Good Full (iOS) helps you visualize and track progress towards monthly goals. Gestures are convenient and easy to use.

The Bad There is no option to reorganize your list of goals. You can't customize the time of the daily reminder.

The Bottom Line Full has the potential to be the ideal app to help you stay on track to achieving a goal, but hold off until it gets some needed enhancements.


6.7 Overall
  • Setup 8
  • Features 5
  • Interface 7
  • Performance 8

Full for iOS has the potential to change the often frustrating experience of setting monthly goals and then trying to track your progress. Rather than jotting it all down on paper, the app gives you a convenient gesture-based interface for keeping on the path to success.

At just 99 cents, Full has the right foundation to do what it promises, but is lacking in some areas. You won't have a bad experience if you download it now, but I recommending waiting until the developer adds some needed features.


The first time you run Full, you're guided through a short tutorial that shows you how to track your goals. When you enter a goal, a title and monthly total are required. After entering a title and total for the goal, you can start tracking progress.

The gestures found in Full will be somewhat familiar to those who have used the popular e-mail app Mailbox . Like Mailbox, Full uses a series of short and long swipes for quick actions. A short swipe to the left across a goal will subtract from the goal's number; a longer swipe gets you a prompt to delete the goal. A short swipe to the right will add to the goal's total, with a longer swipe presenting the option to edit the goal.

This means you can launch the app, find the particular goal you want to add or subtract from, then swipe in either direction. By forgoing the requirement for users to enter information in a text field or some other random method, Full is almost too simple. I must admit, however, this simplicity is what makes Full such a compelling app to track goals with.

Arranging the list

My biggest gripe about Full is the inability to reorganize your Goals list. Currently, the order of your Goals mirrors the order you entered them into the app. It's a trivial complaint, but if you enter more than six goals for any given month, you'll have to scroll down through the list to track the last goal you entered.

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