Frigidaire FPID2497RF review: Many unhappy returns: Frigidaire's dishwasher can't keep your dishes dirt free

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The Good The Frigidaire Professional FPID2497RF dishwasher is well-designed and easy to use with handy features like jets that spray deep into your water bottle. The main jets do a good job of scraping dirt off of your dishes and not missing many spots.

The Bad The jets do get a lot of the dirt off initially, but the filter can't keep up, so if you don't scrape or rinse your dishes before loading them, you'll notice small bits of food sprinkled throughout. For $1,100, I wish this dishwasher had a third rack and a couple of unique extras.

The Bottom Line If you're willing to rinse your dishes, the FPID2497RF is a fine machine, but it needs to be more than that to be worth the premium $1,100 price.

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5.7 Overall
  • Performance 4
  • Features 6
  • Usability 7
  • Design 8

I almost feel sorry for the Frigidaire Professional FPID2497RF dishwasher. It does a great job covering every inch of every dish with water and scraping off coffee, cheese and chili, even egg and wine stains. And we're pretty tough on our dishwashers when we test them, tasking them with cleaning 13 different types of food that's been sitting on our plates, bowls, glasses and silverware for 24 hours.

The Frigidaire gets almost all of the food we slather onto the dishes to come off, but the filter lets down the otherwise good design, so bulky foods mix into the water used to clean your dishes and end up spreading across the load.

Like I said, I almost feel sorry for the dishwasher because it does such a good job initially, and because the design of everything but the filter is appealing and effective. But the lofty $1,100 price erases any sympathy points I might have awarded this model. It's a competent machine with a nice design and a passable number of features and cycles, but I don't recommend it at its premium price.

Polished looks

Typical of Frigidaire's Professional line, the FPID2497RF features straight lines and an attractive stainless-steel finish that does well to resist smudges.

You can purchase the FPID2497RF from Lowe's, and Frigidaire's site will direct you to other retailers in your area. As with most large appliances, you can find it cheaper than the listed retail price. Currently, you can buy the FPID2497RF from Lowe's for $700.

Pull the handle and the display on the right side of the hidden control panel atop the dishwasher's door lights up.

Pick your cycle and options, and the display will estimate the time it'll take.

Chris Monroe/CNET

On the left side of the panel, you can switch between the six main cycle options at a touch, then select from five options on the right to add extra dry time or increase the wash temperature. You can also save the cycle and options you use the most to the "My Favorite" button.

The cycles include standards such as a heavy, normal, and express wash, though Frigidaire calls the first one "Powerplus." The express cycle is aptly named "30-minute wash" and it does do a satisfactory job on more lightly soiled dishes in the shorter time span.

The cycle options.

Chris Monroe/CNET

This Frigidaire doesn't have any unique cycles or extra options that we've found on other high end dishwashers. Both the GE PDT750SSFSS and the LG LDT9965BD distinguished between the normal cycle and an auto-sensing cycle. GE's dishwasher lets you run a cycle just on the upper or lower rack, and LG's similarly lets you run a half load and specify if you want an extra rinse.

Inside, the Frigidaire FPID2497RF again isn't missing anything egregious. The upper rack raises and lowers a couple of inches for added loading flexibility. The back two rows of tines on the bottom rack fold down so you can fit larger dishes. A couple of tines on the upper rack do the same.

This Frigidaire's stem holders are well designed.

Chris Monroe/CNET

The FPID2497RF even has a couple of nice extras like well-designed wine glass stem holders that firmly clip your fragile glasses into place, and jets specifically meant to spray into tall bottles. The blue of those bottle jets and main jets at the bottom of the tub stand out in an appealing way from the otherwise understated gray of the inside of the tub and the racks.