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Tyler Lizenby/CNET

Electrolux wants to make extra-sure your dishwasher doesn't miss any spots. The company's latest models feature two wheels of jets -- one at the bottom of the tub dedicated to the lower rack, and one just beneath the upper rack. The wheels spin independently of each other and spray water in every direction as the dishwasher works. The goal is to cover every inch of space on your dishes from every angle.

The wheels-of-jets design is called OrbitClean, and we've tested dishwashers with a single OrbitClean at the bottom of the tub before. The most recent was the $850 Frigidaire FGID2476SF -- Frigidaire is a subsidiary of Electrolux. The FGID2476SF did a pretty good job of not missing spots, so I have no doubt that two OrbitClean arms in combination will be very effective, especially if you like putting dishes with stuck-on dirt on the upper rack.

That said, the problem with the FGID2476SF wasn't stuck-on dirt, but redeposited dirt. Hopefully, Electrolux has refined the sensors on these new dual OrbitClean models to help with that problem as well. Electrolux is rolling the feature out to Frigidaire's midrange gallery models starting with the FGID2468 this fall.

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You'll be able to purchase the FGID2468 complete with Dual OrbitClean arms for $650 with smudge-proof stainless or $800 for black stainless. The model boasts extra drying power and sensors that adapt the water pressure and cycle time based on the amount of dirt on your dishes. If all of those features truly add up to great cleaning power, the attractive price could make these dishwashers a good deal this fall.