Freshtel 3010 ATA review: Freshtel 3010 ATA

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The Good Easy configuration. Small ATA box is easy to place. Speaks its own IP address to you.

The Bad Ports on the ATA aren't labelled.

The Bottom Line Freshtel's 3010 ATA almost pulls off being an attractive ATA, but we'll settle for it being a stable and easy to use VoIP phone adaptor.

8.0 Overall

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Freshtel's 3010 ATA (it's actually a slightly rebadged Virbiage 3010 ATA) is a small white and green adaptor that allows you to connect up any standard landline phone and utilise it for making VoIP based calls. Naturally, Freshtel would be happiest if you were using it with their network, although the configuration utility does open up the possibility of using it with other providers; you'll still have to live with the apple green Freshtel badge on the top, however.

The 3010 is visually very simple, with a single large indicator light on the front that flashes one of three colours -- red for initial booting sequences, green for a solid VoIP connection, and orange for any problems or if the ATA hasn't been configured to any provider. Ports on the back are used for connecting up to a router/hub or ethernet port, a standard landline telephone and a power supply. Like most other ATAs, there's little to go wrong with the 3010, although more cautious users might find it a touch worrying that none of the ports are labelled. You're unlikely to fit an ethernet cable into the phone port by accident, but stranger things have happened.

Aside from the ATA device itself, the 3010 box also includes the necessary power adaptor and a short length of standard ethernet cable for connecting up to a router or hub; you'll have to provide the phone part yourself.

In order to configure the 3010, you'll need to access its configuration pages, which can be viewed by any web browser. The 3010 features a very clever method for determining the IP address you'll need. Once you've connected up the ATA to your router/hub, and plugged in a standard telephone, you'll get dial tone, at which point hitting the star key three times will make the ATA recite the IP address of the ATA back to you. If you're feeling particularly brave, you can even force an IP address on the ATA via your phone keypad.

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