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Fly Mobile SLT100 review: Fly Mobile SLT100

The Good Good build quality; excellent range of features for the price.

The Bad Difficult to use; short battery life.

The Bottom Line Unfortunately, the Fly Mobile SLT100's usability can't match its looks or stunning range of features. Nevertheless, those willing to put up with its quirky behaviour will get a lot of features for a very small outlay

6.5 Overall

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The Fly Mobile SLT100 is a budget handset that offers a surprising number of high-end features, including a touchscreen.

In fact, as the phone is available as a pay as you go handset for just £50 on Virgin Mobile, it must be the cheapest touchscreen mobile around at the moment.

For such a cheap phone, the SLT100 is remarkably well built. The handset is available in either pink or more traditional black finish and the metallic case feels very sturdy. The phone's slider design is actually quite attractive and very reminiscent of some of the mid-priced handsets from companies like Samsung and LG.

Obviously one of the phone's main attractions is its touchscreen. The screen is sharp and bright and it's controlled via a stylus that you'll find tucked away in a slot on the right hand edge of the handset. Unfortunately, the menu system has really been designed to be controlled via the more traditional directional pad on the front, so there's no real advantage in using the stylus. Even the handwriting recognition is pretty worthless, as it only recognises one letter at a time, so it's very slow to use for writing out text messages. Most people will simply revert back to using T9 via the keypad.

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