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Flo Technologies brings water management to the smart home

Flo Technologies has a smart water monitoring kit that watches for leaks and shuts water off if it detects a problem.

Molly Price Former Editor
2 min read

The Flo water sensor is installed by a professional on your house's main water supply.

Flo Technologies

The Flo app displays data gathered by the monitoring system including flow rate, pressure and temperature.

Flo Technologies

The Flo water security and management system is a new Wi-Fi connected device professionally installed on your main water supply line, Flo Technologies announced Monday.

The system uses an iOS or Android app that controls conservation, monitoring and security settings. By continually monitoring your home's water flow, pressure and temperature, Flo detects abnormalities to help you avoid problems like bursting pipes.

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Flo has water pressure sensors which use machine learning to proactively detect leaks. The system can automatically shut off the water supply in response to a pipe burst, flooding or other irregularities. To conserve water, it senses water pressure, flow rate and temperature and learns homeowner usage patterns. You can check current water usage, compare to historical data and set conservation goals in the Flo app, which can also send alerts via email, app messages or by text and phone call.

The team at Flo Technologies claims the system can detect micro leaks as small as a single drop of water per minute. It will detect visible leaks like running toilets and invisible leaks such as drips behind walls or under floors, running diagnostic tests automatically at least once per day.

The Flo home water control system is slated for 2018 at $699. An early adopter program will see you pay $399, which includes installation. The company wants early adopters' experience to refine the Flo's capabilities. 

Smart water sensing has been around for a while. Earlier this year, we tested the LeakSmart system, which can also shut off a home's water supply. Flo's system is a pricey investment, but one that could certainly prove worth it, if you have a home prone to water issues. If you're looking for simpler, DIY leak detection, check out our list of 2017's best leak detectors. We plan to test the Flo system, so stay tuned for a full review.