Flip Video MinoHD (2nd gen) review: Flip Video MinoHD (2nd gen)

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The Good Sleek new look; HDMI connection; solid 720p video; one-touch filming and uploading; gloriously simple to use.

The Bad Still pricey, especially as other budget camcorders now shoot 1080p video.

The Bottom Line The second-generation MinoHD is certainly the prettiest Flip Video camcorder yet. It's wonderfully simple to use and marvellously pocketable too. If only it shot 1080p video

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8.3 Overall

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Flip Video's gloriously simple point-and-shoot philosophy now has another earthly manifestation -- the second generation of the high-definition MinoHD mini camcorder. Pull the MinoHD from your pocket, hit the big red button and record to your heart's content. It's as simple as that. Then you can plug it straight into your computer without worrying about cables. The new MinoHD dresses this experience in a pretty new shell, but are the changes all style and no substance?

The second-gen MinoHD is available now for around £180.

Metal Mino
The new MinoHD is the same size as the previous version, with all the bits in the same place, but the case has been sprinkled with some serious pixie dust. It takes its cues from the first-generation iPhone, with curved corners, a nifty silver back, and a sleeker overall look.

The plastic that was prone to fingerprint smears is replaced by metal that is slightly less of a smudge magnet, and the MinoHD looks slicker and feels more solid as a result. The screen now measures 51mm (2 inches) from corner to corner, compared to 38mm (1.5 inches) previously, and the signature flip-out USB arm, which transfers footage and charges the unit, is one streamlined element.

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