Flappy Golf review: Golf has never been so much fun

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The Good Flappy Golf takes the addictive controls from Flappy Bird and lets you play golf across 31 different strange and wacky courses.

The Bad There is no multiplayer mode.

The Bottom Line Flappy Golf is the perfect mash-up of Flappy Bird and Stickman Golf, and adds up to a must-have free game with tons of content.

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7.9 Overall
  • Setup 8
  • Features 7
  • Interface 8
  • Performance 9

Flappy Golf takes the flapping control formula from the mega-popular Flappy Bird game and brings it to the 2D golf courses from Stickman Golf. The result is fun way to play through the enormous Noodlecake Studios golf course library with a new way to get the ball into the hole.

When I first saw Flappy Golf hit the App Store, I understandably rolled my eyes -- haven't we had enough flappy games? But once I started playing, I immediately saw how well it works with a golf game.

The Stickman Golf games have been a big hit for both iOS and Android since the launch of the original Stickman Golf in 2010. The simple 2D graphics hid excellent gameplay, and the sequel, Super Stickman Golf 2, built upon an already excellent gaming concept.

No need for clubs

In case it's not already obvious, instead of using a club to hit the ball into the hole, with Flappy Golf you actually "fly" your bird/ball to the hole. To do this, you use a flap button on each side of the screen to flap in each direction. So, understandably, where in regular golf you're tying to get the least number of strokes, Flappy Golf challenges you to get to the hole in the least number of flaps.

While it's certainly not the same as regular golf, trying to get a good lie on your first hit, then figuring out the best angle, the flapping mechanic still manages to be plenty challenging. Not only are you focussing on angles, you need to manage your momentum as well. When a course requires you to change directions, you'll have to account for how many flaps it takes to slow down and how many to move in the new direction. Don't forget you also always have the option to land on the ground when a full stop is the most efficient way to get your ball to the hole.

Across the top of the screen as you play, you'll be able to see the maximum number of flaps to get a gold, silver, or bronze star. What's interesting here is that unlocking courses later in the game requires a minimum number of stars, but it doesn't care what kind. That means even if you're not going for perfection every time, you'll still be able to unlock later courses.

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