Fetch for iOS review: A family game with tons to explore

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The Good Fetch is a fun touch-screen adventure with colorful graphics, an incredibly touchable interactive world, and is filled with small challenges and mini-games to keep you interested.

The Bad Some of the touch zones require precise taps, resulting in mild frustration as you circle back to the same spot to try it again.

The Bottom Line Fetch is an entertaining adventure for both kids and adults alike, with colorful cartoon-like graphics, an extremely touchable interface full of little items to interact with, and challenging puzzles to solve as you explore a fantastical world.


8.2 Overall
  • Setup 9
  • Features 8
  • Interface 8
  • Performance 9

Fetch for iOS is a touch adventure game that plays like an animated movie, letting you explore a strange world as a young boy in search of his lost dog.

Made for children, but fun for adults, too, Fetch combines a great-looking artistic style, rich sounds, and mysterious environments with tons of touch-screen interaction as you set off on your adventure. The story revolves around the disappearance of a little boy's dog named Bear and the lengths he must go through to get him back. Quickly, he finds out that dogs are being stolen around the world, and he sets out to find out who is behind the dognappings.

The controls change depending on which part of the game you are playing. In the world of Fetch, you simply touch a place on the screen to move to that location. But there are also photos, posters, and signs you can touch to get a close-up and find out another clue that will move you along in the game. Some of the puzzles are fairly challenging, requiring several separate tasks that have you moving about the world, collecting items, pulling switches, and more. But just about everything is touchable, and it's fun to see what each thing will do when you tap it.

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