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Ferrari by Logic3 T250 review: Ferrari by Logic3 T250

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The Good Stylish design. Quality build. Good sound.

The Bad High-price. Small ear-cups.

The Bottom Line These Ferrari branded over-ear headphones sound great and look even better but it comes at a premium price.

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Logic3 is fairly well known for its lower-end range of portable audio and gaming peripherals, so its latest range of Ferrari branded audio devices marks a slightly different step for the company.

Ferrari has long been regarded as fairly finicky when it comes to licensing its brand, so the range is certainly quite a coup for Logic3, with a wide array of products being launched, including in-ear buds, noise-cancelling headphones and speaker docks.

The T250 — part of the Cavallino collection — are top of the line, at least in terms of pricing. Design-wise, they're apparently meant to invoke the sense of being within a Ferrari vehicle, and are constructed with high-quality materials to heighten this effect. Both the headband and the ear cups are leather, covered in either black or tan, with this trim extending to the side of the driver chamber (which sports the Ferrari prancing horse logo). The arms and housing are metal, giving the T250's a comforting solid weight and a tactile impression of quality. The metal feels particularly nice, and the hinges (which allow it fold down for storage) give a satisfying click when opened up.

When folded, the headphones fit in a nylon carry case, and they ship with three different woven anti-tangle cables — a standard cord, a three-button remote cord for Apple devices and a one-button version for all other smartphones. You also get a 6.3mm adapter, and a dual-plug jack for using the T250 on an aircraft.

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