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EzeeCube review: EzeeCube media center is expandable, flexible and expensive

While it's not 4K capable, EzeeCube offers the ability to add on other features by simply stacking them on top of the base unit.

Aloysius Low Senior Editor
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Aloysius Low
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There are plenty of media players and backup devices out there, but EzeeCube offers something quite different: The ability to stack up additional modules on top of the base unit. You can add more storage, a Blu-ray drive and other new add-ons that are likely to come in the future. If that sounds cool, it is.



The Good

EzeeCube ably serves as a media center and an easy backup option for your photos and videos. It offers expandable storage and other optional add-ons with a sleek, stackable design. It operates on the versatile Kodi platform.

The Bad

The base unit and add-ons are expensive. It's not 4K capable and is sometimes tricky to use. The remote is infrared instead of Wi-Fi, which means you can't tuck the unit away.

The Bottom Line

The innovative EzeeCube personal cloud storage device and media player offers plenty of good features, but they don't come cheap.

Adding additional hard disk space is as simple as putting the new module on top of the EzeeCube base player. And if you add on the Blu-ray drive, a feature that lets you rip DVDs is also enabled automatically. However, the additional modules don't come cheap, costing $199 (£150 or AU$260) for either a 2TB drive or the Blu-ray drive. The base unit itself will set you back a cool $499 (£380 or AU$660) for the 2TB version. A cheaper 1TB option is available for $399 (£300, AU$525).

EzeeCube stacks up to offer more features

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That said, you're not just paying for a normal backup device. The EzeeCube is also a fully functional media player. It uses Kodi as its operating system (formerly known as XBMC), but it's skinned with a much nicer design and features a personal cloud service that syncs with your iOS or Android device. You're able to backup your videos and photos and access them from anywhere without having to worry about your phone's limited amount of space or pay extra for cloud storage. On the other hand, if the hard drive of the EzeeCube crashes, you're out of luck.

While it sounds simple on paper, I did find the EzeeCube a tad frustrating to learn how to use, especially compared to the ease of plug-in and play devices such as the Roku 4. Kodi is flexible and lets you do a lot of things, but its various options can be overwhelming for a first time user looking for something simple.

The EzeeCube easily played all the video formats I threw at it. But it can't play 4K video -- unlike the much less expensive Nvidia Shield, which also supports Kodi, Plex and external/networked hard drives for storage. EzeeCube can download add-ons for watching YouTube or live Twitch streams, for example, but the selection of apps can't compete with that of the Roku or Nvidia Shield.

The EzeeCube is quite the swiss army knife of home media centers, and its expandable tech is very cool, but its audience is limited given its expensive retail price.

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