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Eufy Smart Plug Mini review: This smart plug automates with ease

You can schedule the Eufy Smart Plug Mini to turn on or off at a specified time and day of the week, with the option to repeat the schedule if you'd like. There's also a timer option to turn the plug on or off after a set amount of time ranging from 1 minute all the way up to 23 hours and 59 minutes. With a third feature called Away Mode, you can set a window of time during which the plug will randomly turn on and off to simulate someone being at home.

The Eufy Smart Plug Mini's power monitoring is surprisingly robust. In the EufyHome app, you can view daily averages and total consumption for 7-day, 30-day, 90-day and 365-day periods in energy consumption (kWh) and total runtime (hours). There's also an energy bill tab that displays the estimated cost generated by the plug. When I tested, the cost was based on 11 cents per kwh -- 12 cents per kWh is what's used to estimate energy use for things like light bulbs and appliances, and I'd have preferred it if Eufy had followed suit. That's about as small as quibbles get, though.

What's nice about the Eufy Smart Plug Mini is that it offers all of the power monitoring of the TP Link Kasa Smart Plug with Power Monitoring along with the bonus of a space-saving design that keeps adjacent outlets accessible. The plug would be nearly perfect if it worked with HomeKit or offered a side USB charging port. Still, with all the voice assistant, schedule and time-based features that make smart plugs truly smart, Eufy's Smart Plug Mini is an affordable, reliable way to bring your dumb devices into the smart home. 

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