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Coffee Makers

Mentor scale uses smarts to school home baristas

From cold brew, pour-over to pots of drip, the Motif Mentor guides you towards making better coffee at home.

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To the uninitiated, making pour-over coffee properly is a challenge. The $99 (£77 in the UK, roughly AU$130 in Australia) Motif Mentor scale is designed to help by using a clever combination of app connected smarts and wireless Bluetooth link to phones and tablets.

Born from a partnership with Perfect Company, the people behind the Perfect Drink and Perfect Bake products, the Mentor scale operates in much the same fashion. It talks to custom mobile software to guide would be home baristas through the coffee brewing process step by step. For instance, the scale confirms the precise amount of coffee grounds, water, and stepping or filtration time.

Here's an up close look at the Motif Mentor scale.

Tyler Lizenby/CNET

The solution doesn't just coach pour-over either. According to Espresso Supply, marketers of the Bonavita line of coffee makers in the US and creators of the Motif brand, the Mentor can school its owners in art quality cold brew and drip java too.

The Motif Mentor scale at a glance

  • Costs $99 (£77, roughly AU$13)
  • Planned availability for September 2017
  • Also will work with the Perfect Drink app for crafting cocktails

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