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Epson WorkForce Pro WP-4535 DWF review: Epson WorkForce Pro WP-4535 DWF

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Print speed, quality and cost

Epson may have made bold claims about this printer's speed and it largely lives up to them. In fact, when it comes to document printing, it is -- by some way -- the fastest inkjet model we've tested. Our 10-page black text document took just 44 seconds to print and it managed a five-page duplex version of the same document in a mere 1 minute and 17 seconds.

It's hugely speedy when dealing with colour graphics as well. It pumped out our 10-page business presentation in 1 minute and 39 seconds, while our 10-page graphics test took just 1 minute and 43 seconds. These speeds are nearly twice as fast as the majority of the competition.

Epson WorkForce Pro WP-4535 DWF colour print
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Despite printing at up to twice as fast as the competition, this doesn't come at the cost of print quality.

What's remarkable is that it achieves these speeds without negatively affecting print quality. Text looks truly first class and very sharp and precise on the page -- so sharp, in fact, that it could be mistaken for laser quality output. Detail on our graphics test sheet was also excellent, while our business document had bright and punchy colours, with no banding in large blocks of colour.

Photo prints are a little lacking compared to a similarly-priced photo printer, but they're still more than acceptable for business use.

Epson is pitching this model as an alternative to a laser printer. The big benefit of laser models is their low running costs, so if the WP-4535 DWF is to be a serious alternative, it needs to be cheap to run.

Thankfully that proves to be the case. Using the T702 XL inks, it works out at 1.9p per page for black and white documents and 4.6p per page for colour sheets. That's cheap, not just by inkjet standards, but also compared to most laser machines.


We were pretty sceptical of Epson's claims that this inkjet model could rival the speed and quality of a colour laser. However, we were happy to be proved wrong as the WP-4535 DWF produces very clean output at lightning speed.

It's also economical to run, has a great line up of features and is a bargain at just £200. Those who need to print colour business documents on a regular basis really need to check it out.

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