Epson has announced the Stylus CX5400, a multifunction printer that offers photo-quality printing, along with basic scanning and copying capabilities. It replaces the Epson Stylus CX5200. The CX5400 is rated at 22 pages per minute (ppm) for printing monochrome pages and 11ppm for printing color pages.

Upside: The CX5400 includes Epson's Easy PhotoFix technology--a combination of hardware and software that's designed to restore old, discolored, or faded photographs at the touch of a button. The scanner can also export images directly to e-mail. Finally, the CX5400 works with both Windows 98 and greater and Macintosh OS X, exhibiting a versatility that's becoming rarer these days.

Downside: The LCD on the front panel is a small, single-line display that's hard to read. Fortunately, the printer, scanner, and copy functions can all be controlled by the Windows and OS X software.

Outlook: At $149, this affordable multifunction printer contains very competitive features for Windows and Mac users alike. Check back for our review.